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Our Mission

Inclusive Information: Catering to a diverse audience, whether you’re a curious observer, aspiring player, team, club, organization, or a financial/professional investor, we aim to provide relevant and engaging information.

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aQuolley® MWS

The aQuolley® MWS, protected by an international patent, is a lightweight, Multifunctional Water Sports Court with flexible modular elements and adjustable net height and court dimensions. It can be easily installed in shallow areas of lakes, rivers, seas, or pools. Thanks to its modular design and lightweight components, it can be set up, relocated, or disassembled by anyone with ease. Currently, the aQuolley® MVS is the only water sports court in the world capable of accommodating both on-site conditions and the momentary preferences of players. With its freely adjustable net height and court size, it provides a platform for 2-16 member teams to engage in water-adapted team sports, enabling the exploration of activities like volleyball, badminton, beach tennis, footnet, and dodgeball, depending on the water depth.

aQuolley Games

Here’s a summary of the different aQuolley games.

1. aQuolley W-ball (or simply aQuolley): Volleyball played in the water  
2. aQuolley Badminton: Badminton adapted for play in the water             
3. aQuolley Tennis: Beach tennis adapted for play in the water 
4. aQuolley F-ball: Futnet played in the water   
5. aQuolley D-ball: Dodgeball played in the water

Why play aQuolley games

Enjoy quality time with your family and friends in the water

The aQuolley® court offers an exceptional and unique opportunity for relaxation with relatives and friends, providing an experience not easily found elsewhere. Since water resistance significantly diminishes the physical and skill differences among participants, collaborative play easily becomes a coeducational, multi-generational form of entertainment. Men, women, the elderly, and the young can indulge together in various ball games on the court without sacrificing the excitement of friendly competitions.

Meet New People, Make Friends!

Participating in a water-based ball game not only satisfies the craving for sports experiences and a competitive spirit but also creates opportunities to meet new people. In a world where physical and mental distances are widening, the opportunity to play in the water is one of those rare situations where strangers unite, forming teams for a match without regard to gender, nationality, or age. Furthermore, when individuals step onto the court to play together, there is the potential for new acquaintances and friendships to blossom, for existing connections to deepen, and for previously unknown aspects to be unveiled.

Intense Physical Activity in a Safe Environment

While participating in aQuolley, family, friends, or randomly assembled groups can enjoy lasting experiences in the cool suds without the risk of injuries. In spite of the fact that engaging in aQuolley matches demands a similar level of effort to an intense sand-court workout that involves the entire body, the typical muscle or joint damage often encountered on the shore is eliminated in the aquatic environment. Considering the positive impacts of underwater stress on the musculoskeletal system, it becomes clear that there is hardly a more enjoyable or secure method to sustain an active lifestyle and preserve fitness than playing aQuolley matches.

Embrace Global Trends

A continuous trend of global warming suggests that in the future, seasons will become even warmer and drier. As summer temperatures rise, more people will seek refuge from the heat among the waves. Can these increasingly frequent water excursions be elevated from mere lounging to a more entertaining form of moderately intense physical activity?

In 2023, footage captured by the ‘Időkép’ observation camera, accessible to anyone, precisely depicted this scenario unfolding on the aQuolley® court owned by Hotel Balaton Siófok. Beyond just hotel guests, even visitors to the neighbouring beach enthusiastically engaged in games that demanded some, but not overly strenuous, physical activity, particularly in water volleyball.

The aQuolley® court, with its clearly visible and freely scalable modules, enables games to be played for points, allowing even two individuals to partake in a serious battle for victory, immersing themselves in all the excitement and joy it brings. The experiences on the court proved to be so impactful that some participants continued to relive them well past midnight. Drawing from all these experiences, and naturally, our own observations, we assert with confidence that playing on the aQuolley® court goes beyond mere physical activity; it transforms into a mode of family and friendly recreation, crafting unforgettable moments in the water and nurturing inclusion and interaction among participants.

Who can take part in aQuolley?

All Genders

Participants of all genders – boys, girls, women, and men – can enjoy aQuolley together. In aQuolley matches, even in competitive settings, the atmosphere is far from intense competition. Instead, it offers a unique local community experience. It’s no coincidence that some of the most celebrated events in the sport’s history involve mixed-gender clashes, where the joint participation of both genders on teams is not only harmonious but genuinely inspiring for both players and spectators.

Cross-Generational Play

By fine-tuning the court infrastructure, aQuolley fosters an experiential sports environment that facilitates not only gender mixing but also the inclusion of various age groups. Remarkably, even in a competitive setting, this integration can be achieved while maintaining the thrilling aspects of the game.

Inclusivity for Varied Abilities

While performance differences due to individual abilities can be stark on solid ground, aQuolley effectively levels the playing field in the water. The nature of movement and play in the water, inherently defensive, kindly mitigates these differences, enabling individuals to compensate for physical shortcomings in other aspects.

Accessible During Illness or Rehabilitation

With few extreme exceptions, whether facing a temporary or chronic condition, a physical or mental injury, or a disability, the nature and conditions of aQuolley make it possible for players dealing with challenges in these regards to fully participate. This integration occurs in a way that doesn’t compromise the overall sports experience. For those facing difficulties in this area, aQuolley may likely be a unique form of recreation where, for a longer or shorter period, they can escape the occasional or constant exclusion experienced in community sports.

At what age can you play?

Anyone aged 10 to 75 can play

Since the most fundamental rules are very simple, and the basic level of ball handling required for the game can be grasped almost instantly, anyone who feels like giving it a try can do so right away, provided they find a court and fellow players.